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Thinking of Becoming a Driving Instructor?

  • We offer pay as you go on an hourly basis training.
  • Local pick up. We come to you so you can train and then not have
    the expense or the stress of travelling.
  • We have a more significant and well formulated training syllabus than most making it possible for you to establish your own successful driving school.

Why Choose Mint?

  • Pay As You Go
  • Local Pick Up
  • Formulated Training Syllabus
  • Mint Guarantee

Jonathan Hodgkinson
Training Director

DSA Approved
Driving Instructor 292939

Holder of:
Cardington test grade ‘A’
Diamond Special Test
RoSPA Gold
DSA Ordit registered for parts 1, 2 & 3
DSA Ordit premises inspected
DSA Fleet registered


Free Training Assessment!

Mint Training

Depending on your previous knowledge, skills and any questions you have, this assessment will vary to suit your own needs. At Mint training we usually find out about: your background; your motivation and expectations; your personality and your present driving skills.

The objective behind this assessment is so that we can both acknowledge your training requirements and why Mint training will be the best ones to take you into your new career.

What Mint Training Can Guarantee

  • Training is on a one-to-one basis.
  • Our trainers possess the right qualifications.
  • The training is local to you.
  • You pay by the hour or if you pay upfront it’s for a guaranteed number of hours.
  • You will cover a unique comprehensive syllabus designed by Mint Training to cover all key areas and more.
  • You will train in a modern car.


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